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The idea of what is behind the garden is promote a healthy outlook through social impact. We are interested in ecological gardening, which is part of a sustainable farming and living. This is the expression of concern about the environment, in view of the upcoming Climate Change. We offer natural methods of cultivation and water management (retention system). In our idea of the garden is entered educational function. We teach by a good example 🙂 general, the idea of the garden dates back to the ancient history of the school of Epicurus and even the paradise of Eden 🙂 The tradition is huge.

The garden is open to all those willing to take an active and responsible involvement in our community in the wake of deep empathy with the entire biosphere, care of the Earth, care of people and the fair share - the principles of permaculture - we are interested in the ecosystem solutions integrating life ( urban farming) - in our garden we put emphasis on education through workshops and lessons for children, adolescents and adults (see: eco education)

Our garden was created on the initiative of the Voice of Heart Foundation in the last year. It is located in a beautiful part of Cracow (Poland) on a hill Krzemionki, in the Podgórze district next door to Bednarski Park.

If you do not have a garden but sometimes would like to lie on your lawn? Do you need contact with the earth, plants, nature? Do you dream to own a rose bush, flower-bed of tulips or eat from time to time something personally grown and fostered... We are waiting for you. Our garden is open to the public willing to act. We create together, with the idea of community... Bring with you enthusiasm, ideas and work, and we will share with you a place, yield, sunny weather, good company 🙂 and knowledge how to design the healthy gardens, conduct healthy way of life and cultivate "peace of mind" in the wake of the ethics of moderation 🙂